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By |August 19th, 2019|Categories: Events, Workshops|

Project Name: Women empowerment through vocational skills training and workshops on sexual gender based violence. Funded by:  Forum SYD Implementation: Kanava Youth Organization and Rotary Clubs in Bollans. The project undertakes Vocational and skill training [...]

About Kanva Youth Organization

Kanava Youth Organization is a non-political organization concerned with the development of children and youth. Kanava is an active member in the Somali civil society institutions and it aims at the rehabilitation and advancement of Somalia’s youngest generation. Kanava Youth Organization is dedicated in ensure that all young Somalis have a healthy future, an effective education that equips them with marketable skills, and opportunities to help others.

Brief History of Kanava

In September 2002, Kanava youth Organization was officially opened by a group of local youth working in Mogadishu in cooperation with members of a Somali youth group from Finland The word Kanava has its original roots in Finish language, which means “Canal”. It symbolizes how Somali youth can bring the gap between different Somali segments closer
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