Objectives and intervention strategies:

KANAVA has long and short term activities, which is related to our past, present projects as well as future activities in Somalia. They include:-

Long term objectives

  • Poverty alleviation programs through empowerment of small-scale farmers to promote the availability, stability and access to food.
  • Rehabilitation of Somali youth and developing positive values and ensuring that all young Somalis have a healthy future and effective education.
  • Developing vocational and skill abilities of Somali youth in various sectors to prepare professional youth leaders with high qualities and capacity of leadership.
  • Illiteracy elimination through sustainable, qualitative and accessible basic education and vocational training for every gender.
  • Improving public health through health awareness activities and promote mother and child care health centers and MCH’s.
  • Raising community awareness and capacity building regarding to self- reliance, influencing decision making process, ownership, and democratization and strengthening civil society of all genders.
  • Contributing to the overall development of the country.

 Short term objectives:-    

  • Support children from marginalized group’s right to basic education and vocational training.
  • Establishing long live training and supporting vocational skills.
  • Empowering youth and women through capacity building, skill training and financial support for small business.
  • Increase women participation in the society.
  • Support peace building and reconciliation activities through education( drama, sports, songs and poetry)